April 5, 2016
Team Trinity Tire Tweak
Team Trinity Royal Bearing Oil

Dec 4, 2015
Restock Protoform LTC-R

Oct 8, 2015

Rivkin Roars to an IFMAR 2WD Off-Road World Championship

April 21, 2015
Ride Subaru Impreza WRX STi M-chassis Bodyshell

March 11, 2015
Elangears tiny G charger

March 01, 2015

TP Racing is now online RC business store.

Nov 02, 2014
SC10.2 Factory Team Short Course Truck
SC10RS RTR Short Course Truck RTR
Reedy Mach 2 13.5T Brushless Motor

Sept 29, 2014
RC10 B44.3 1:10 4WD Buggy

Sept 12, 2014
Orca RX3 Brushless Motor

Trinity Tire Tweak

Agust 19, 2014
Team Associated Rival Monster Truck
Team Associated SC10B Race Spec Buggy

July 23, 2014
Sanwa M12 Carbon Sticker
Sanwa MT4 Carbon Sticker

July 11, 2014
Maxpower Lipo and Life battery

Jun 5, 2014
Team Associated TC6.2
M05 Aluminium Motor Mount
M05 Aluminium Heat Sink Large
M05 Aluminium Front Knuckle
Tire Traction Additive Bottle

Aluminum Damper Set 50mm
M05 100% Spring Steel Swingshaft
Premium Ceramic Bearing Oil
Aluminium Motor Fan Mount
Aluminium Hex Driver Set

May 6, 2014
Team Associated B5M 2WD Buggy Team Kit
ECS Driveshaft for Xray T3 T4 Yokomo BD5 BD7
Acorn Racing Lipo M Chassis
Elan Mini ACDC Charger

Aluminium Tire Balancer
Aluminum 1/10 Setup Station
RW Racing Spur and Pinion Gears

April 8, 2014
Ceramic Bearing M05 BD7 T4
Ceramic Bearing ECS
5mm Banana Plug
Orca Ti 13.5 Motor

Sanwa MT4 Sticker

Mar 24, 2014
Team Associated TC6.2
Reedy 7000mAH 65C Lipo
1450mAH 6.6v Receiver LiFe

Trackstar 1/10 Aluminum Setup Station

Mar 20, 2014
5mm Gold Plugs
Battery Capacity Checker
Aluminium Servo Horns
Lipo Safey Bag

Mar 13, 2014
Acorn Racing 6500 80C Lipo

RW Racing Spur and Pinion Gears

Feb 25, 2014
Team Associated TC6.2
Protoform Mazda 6 GX Body

Jan 23, 2014
G Force Tire Warmer
Orca Ultra Lipo 7500mah 90C

Ride Preglued 32R & 36R

Jan 02, 2014
Happy New Year 2014

SkyRC 6x80+ AC/DC Charger

Nov 13, 2013
Maxpower 7300mAH 80C

Ride 32R Preglued Tires
Ride 36R Preglued Tires

Oct 17, 2013
Team Associated RC10 Classic Limited Edition

Team Associated B44.2 4WD 1/10 Buggy
Team Associated B4.2 2WD 1/10 Buggy
Team Associated TC6.1 World Edition

Sept 17, 2013
Team Associated RC10 B4.2 2WD Buggy
Reedy Mach 2 13.5 Brushless Motor

August 10, 2013
Team Associated RC10 T4.2 Stadium Truck
Team Associated SC10 4x4 Monster Truck Limited Edition

Reedy Sonic Mach 2 Brushless Motor
Reedy Competition Lipo Battery

July 02, 2013
T6200 Professional Touch 12A Balance Charger
SkyRC LipoPal Balancer and Checker
Maxconcept T6 Balance Charger

Reedy 7000 65C Competition Lipo
Protoform Mazdaspeed 6
Protoform LTC-R

May 22, 2013
Maxpower Competition Lipo 7000 80C
Maxpower Competition Lipo 4300 70C Stick Pack

Ultrasonic Bearing Cleaner
Droop and Ride Height Gauge
Metric Hex Tool Set

May 10, 2013
Team Associated 1/8 Rival Monster Truck

April 23, 2013
JConcepts Escape Body
JConcepts Choppers Short Course Tires

April 17, 2013
Nanotech 6600 65C Lipo
Nanotech 2100 6.6v Life
ECO6 6Amp AC/DC Charger
Steatlh Body Mount
Sanwa M12 Sticker

March 26, 2013
Reedy 7000mAh 65C Lipo Pack

March 13, 2013
Trinity Tire Tweak
RW Racing spur ann pinions
Speedmind rims and inserts
Proline Badlands Monster tires

February 25, 2013
Team Associated TC6.1 World Edition
Team Associated SC10 4x4
GT Power Digital Tire Warmer
Feetech FT5679M High Voltage Low Profile Servo

February 03, 2013
SpeedPassion Reventon Pro with Motor - RM499.00
Orca VX Esc

January 15, 2013
Team Associated car kits and spare parts
Reedy Sonic 13.5 brushless motor

December 19. 2012
RW Racing Spur and Pinion Gears

December 02, 2012
Team Associated SC10BRS Short Course Buggy, RC10R5.1 World GT & RC10B44.2 4WD Buggy
Reedy Lipo Battery & Motor

November 20, 2012
ORCA 6000mAH 80C
JConcepts iPhone iPad Shock Stand
JConcepts Mono Wheels for Team AE and Kyosho RB5

JConcepts Backpack
JConcepts 1/10 Touring Car Stand
JConcepts Chassis Protector Sheet

November 10, 2012
Ride 36 Preglued Tires

SkyRC Lipo Balance Chargers

October 4, 2012
Sanwa M12 Radio

Maxpower Drift Lipo Battery
Reedy 13.5, 17.5
Protoform Mazda Speed 6 190mm
Protoform LTC-R 190mm

September 6, 2012
Nanotech Lipo packs
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Schumacher Mini Pin 1/10 Buggy Tires for Carpet Track

August 3, 2012
Savox servo
M Chassis Gear Diff Set
Nanotech 6600 65C Lipo

July 24, 2012
Schumacher Mini Pin 1/10 Buggy Tires for Carpet Track

ZX1 Microlube Bearing Oil
Core RC Multi Tool

July 20, 2012
Team Associated RC10B4.1 2WD Buggy World Edition
Team Associated TC4 Club Racer Touring Kit
Reedy Sonic Brushless Motor

July 02, 2012
Reedy Sonic Motors
Team Associated SC10 4x4
Team Associated TC6.1
LRP Radical Cooling Fan
LRP X20 Motor
Turnigy 6600 65C Lipo
Turnigy 5300 30C Lipo

June 15, 2012
JConcepts Tires, Wheels & Backpack
SkyRC Balance chargers & ESC

May 30, 2012
Team Associated car kits and spare parts

May 21, 2012
Yeah Racing Tornado Fan, Black and Orange
Yeah Racing Twin Fan Heatisnk, Black
Battery Tape
Hobbywing 35A Combo Set
Hobbying Advanced Program Card
Digital Tire Warmer
Mutli Power Distributor

May 07, 2012
Aluminium 7075 Front Knuckle Arm for Xray T3
Aluminium 7075 Rear Hub for Xray T3

JConcepts Car Stand, Backpack, Tires, Wheels

April 27, 2012
Reedy Sonic 17.5 Motor
Associated TC6.1 Spare Parts
3Racing M05/M06 Gear Diff Set
3Racing M05 Aluminium C Hub
3Racing M05 Fast Gear Set

April 19.2012
Hobbywing Xerun 120-SD-V3 ESC
SkyRC Toro Short Course Truck ESC and Motor Combo
FlySky FS-GT3C 2.4G Radio

April 04, 2012
LRP X20 10.5T Brushless Motor
LRP Pulsar Touch Extra Edition Charger

March 19, 2012
Schumacher Mi4CXL Touring Pro Kit

Mylaps RC4 Personal Transponder

March 12, 2012
SkyRC Balancer Chargers
Ride Revolution High Grip Tire Re36
ORCA Drift Edition ESC
ORCA Vritra Mk2 Special Offer RM 580.00
ORCA Infinite 6500mAH 70C Lipo

March 05, 2012
JConcepts Backpack
JConcepts Short Course Bodyshells
Hobbywing Short Course Pro 120A ESC

February 20, 2012
RW Racing UK Pinion and Spur Gears

February 08, 2012
JConcepts Short Course Tires Carvers &Hazard Wheel White
JConcepts High Downforce Wing for TLR22, Durango DEX210, AE B4.1 & AE B44.1
JConcepts Finisher Bodyshell for TLR22 & Durango DEX210

JConcepts Doublee Dees and Goose Bump tires for 2WD &4WD Buggy.

January 26, 2012
Happy Chinese New Year

Savox servo
3Racing Option Parts for Tamiya 416 & Tamiya M05
3Racing Alloy Servo Horn

January 09, 2012
Happy New Year

Team Associated SC10 2WD Factory Team Kit

TC6.1 Factory Team Kit
Team Associted parts
Schumacher Racing parts

December 24, 2011
RW Racing 48P Spur Gears for Durango
RW Racing 0.6M Pinion Gears for Tamiya

HPI Civic EK9 Mini Bodyshell
HPI T&E Vertex JZX100 Bodyshell
HPI AE86 Trueno Bodyshell
RW Racing Spur 48P and 64P Gears
RW Racing Pinion 48P and 64P Gears

December 14, 2011
Team Associated TC6.1 Factory Team Kit

Team Associated RC10 B4.1 2WD Buggy

December 03, 2011
Ceramic Bearing Set for Tamiya M05 M06
Ceramic Bearing Set for Schumacher Mi4CX

YR Aluminum C Hub TRF416
YR Aluminum Front Knuckle M05
Tornado High Speed Fan 30mm
Ceramic Diff Ball 3mm

November 22, 2011
Associated B4 +8mm Conversion Kit
Associated TC6 Gear Diff
Hobbywing Short Course XERUN Brushless Combo

Associated B4.1
Associated B44.1
Hobbywing Xtreme Stock Combo

November 4, 2011
JConcepts Manta V2 Short Course Truck body
JConcepts B4.1 +8mm Finnisher Worlds body
JConcepts B44.1 Finnisher Worlds body
JConcepts Rulux wheels for B4 and B44
JConcepts Subcultures Short Course Truck tires
JConcepts Ribs for 2WD Front tires

JConcepts Double Dees tires

October 06, 2011
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Shock Maintenance Tool
Tri Grip Hex Wrench Inch
Tri Grip Hex Wrench Metric
Schumacher Mi4CX Alloy Pulley
Schumacher Mi4CX Alloy Roll Bar Mount

September 12, 2011
Team Associated RC10 B44.1 4WD Buggy
Team Associated RC10 B4.1 2WD Buggy
Team Associated SC10 4x4 Short Course Truck

September 06, 2011
JConcepts Offroad tires
Core RC Brushless Motor Sensor Widget
SpeedPassion Competition MMM V3 Brushless Motor

RW Racing UK spur and pinion gears
Schumacher spare parts

August 22, 2011
Economical and budget RC Drifters, we now have R31 EP Drift Kit
Economical radio controller, we now have Fly Sky FS-GT3B 2.4Ghz Radio System

August 19, 2011
HPI Bodyshells
HPI Pro Spring Set
Hobbywing Short Course Brushless System

August 09, 2011
Team Associated SC10 4x4
Team Associated SC10RS Ready to Run
Team Associated RC10 B4.1 2WD Buggy
Trinity D3 Monster Horsepower Brushless Motor
Trinity Revtech R-Power Brushless Motor
Trinity Royal Oil
Epic Brushless Motor Hi Heat Resistance Oil
Trinity Tire Tweak 2000

July 30, 2011<
Team Associated TC6
Schumacher Racing Mi1 and Mi4CX
Roche Ceramic Bearing
Savox SC-1251MG & SC-1257TG Super Speed servo

July 06, 2011
GT Power Battery Warmer with Controller
GT Power 20Amp Charger A620
Hobbywing Justock, Xerun and combo set

Speedmind Gapping Insert
Speedmind Aerodish Wheel

June 22, 2011
100% Spring Steel Swing Shaft for Xray T2/T3 2011
100% Spring Steel Swing Shaft for TRF416/TRF417/FF03
Tamiya Gear Diff/Damper Oil Air Remover
Maxpower 6200 65C 730Amp Pro Series Lipo Pack

Roche High Downforce Wing
Roche Ceramic Bearing for Xray T3/Top Photon
Roche Ceramic Bearing for Tamiya 417/Yokomo BD5
YR Twin Tornado Fan and Heatsink

June 10, 2011
YR Alloy Car Stand with Damper Holder
YR Allow Body Wing Protector
YR Pit Mat

May 24, 2011
Restock RW Racing Spur and Pinion Gears

May 18, 2011
Spec R Gear Diff for Schumacher Mi4CX
Restock Hobbywing 120A

April 27, 2011
Schumacher Mi4CX Spare parts
Hobbywing 120A and Xtreme Stock ESC
Sanwa MT-4 Carrying Bag

April 07, 2011
New arrival
HPI Bodyshells - Alfa Romeo 8C, Nissan 350Z, Skyline GTR R35, Chevrolet Camaro

RW Racing UK Pinion & Spur Gears

Mar 26, 2011
New arrival
HPI Bodyshells - BMW M3 E30, 1966 Ford Mustang, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X and AE86 Trueno Coupe

Mar 21, 2011
New arrival
GT Power B620 20 Amp Charger
GT Power GTP-W Digital Tire Warmers

Mar 09, 2011
Sanwa MT-4
Speedmind Radio M11X, 4PKS and Universal Radio Bags
Futaba 4PL Skin
Body Post Extension
Spec R CV Uni Xray, Tamiya
Roche Spool and Cup Ver 2

Feb 15, 2011

Spare parts Schumacher Mi4CX
Cylone Driveshaft
3Racing Aluminium Servo Horn

Jan 24, 2011
New arrival
RW Racing Spur Gears for Xray
Spec R Options for Xray

RW Racing Spur and Pinion Gears
Protoform P37R Regular and Lightweight Bodyshells
Protoform Mazda Speed 6 Bodyshells

Jan 07, 2011
New arrival
Yeah Racing Twin Tornado High Speed Fan with Heat Sink

Schumacher Mi4
Schumacher Mi1
Schumacher spare parts and NEW option parts
Hobbywing XERUN 120A
Hobbywing EZRUN 35A and EZRUN 60A combo
TT01 Alum Front and Rear Lower Suspension Arm Set

Jan 04, 2011
Happy New Year to all our supportive customers and dealers.

New arrival
VB Lipo Battery
Savox Low Profile Digital Servo

Dec 30, 2010

New arrival
Schumacher Mi4CX
Topcad Drift Tires
Topcad Setup Board
Topcad Tools

RW Racing Pinion and Spur Gears

Dec 15, 2010
New arrival
Team Associated TC6 Factory Team

Dec 03, 2010
New arrival
Venom Pro Ultimate Charger
Venom Safari Creeper Crawler

Nov 23, 2010
New arrival
Futaba 4PL Radio
Schumacher Mi-1 Touring Car and Parts

Schumacher Mi4LP Spare Parts

Nov 16, 2010
HPI Bodyshells

Nov 11, 2010
New arrival
LRP Pulsar Touch Competiton Charger
iMax Balance Chargers
Sanwa MX-3X Radio
Hobbywing Xerun and Ezrun ESC
Team C Racing Aluminium Steering Wheel

Oct 20, 2010
New arrival
Futaba 4PK Super (with charger&battery)

Trinity Tire Tweak
Spec R Gear Set
Tamiya 416 Rear Upright

Oct 06, 2010
RW Racing Spur and Pinion Gears
Yeah Racing tools, heatsink an fan
Spec R Gear Diff for Yokomo BD5

Sept 21, 2010
New arrival
LRP SXX TC Spec Version 2 ESC
LRP SPX Zero Stock ESC
Aluminium Front/Rear Lower Arm for Yokomo Drift
Tire Stick Holder

Sept 06, 2010
New arrival
Team Spec R Option parts for Xray
Option parts for TOP
Team Roche Ceramic Ball Bearing Set for TC5R
Team Roche Aluminum Servo Mount
Team Roche Super Flex 26AWG Silicone Sensor Wire
Team C Racing Futaba 3PK Radio skins
Hobbypro Tools and Camber Gauge, Alloy GT Wing
Savox Low Profile Servo

August 30, 2010
New arrival
Team CSO Aluminium Hardcoated Spur Gear Adapter for Xray T3
Team CSO Aluminium 7075 T6 Rear Diff Outdrive for Xray T3
Ceramic Ball 3/32" for TC5
Ceramic Ball 2.4mm

August 17, 2010

New arrival
Contact RC Racing Foam Tyres

August 10, 2010
New arrival
1/10 Drift Wheels and Tires Set
Camber Gauge
Alloy Roof Spotlights
Aluminium Wheel Holder for 1/10 Touring and 1/8 Buggy
Tamiya TT01 Universal Joint
Sanwa M11X
Sanwa MX3X
SpeedPassion GT2.0 PRO ESC

August 03, 2010
New arrival
LRP X12 Aluminium Lightweight Motor Housing

Trinity Tire Tweak
LRP X12 10.5T Stock Spec Motor
LRP Low Profile Brushless Fan
LRP Radical Cooling Set
Speedmind Deluxe Radio Bag for M11x, 4PK, DX3R, KO EX-1 and Universal Radio Bag
Speedmind Rims and Insert
Team Associated TC5 Spare Parts restock

July 15, 2010
New arrival
RW Racing Spur gears for Schumacher Mi4LP
Spec R Racing Products

RW Racing Pinion Gears
RW Racing Spur Gears

July 08, 2010
New arrival
Spec R Gear Diff for Xray
Spec R Gear Diff for TRF416
3Racing Alum Setting Stand
Ceramic Ball Bearing Set for 416X/BD5
Exceed Power 40C Lipo - Economical Lipo Pack
VB 5500mah 55C Lipo Battery

June 23, 2010
New arrival
3Racing Setup Wheels
3Racing Tools Bag

3Racing Option parts for:
Washers, Accessories

June 14, 2010
Speedmind RC Hauler Bags
Protoform R9-R, LTC-R and Speed 6 Bodyshells
iMax 5amp and 10 amps Balance Chargers
RW Racing Spur and Pinion Gears

June 01, 2010
New arrival
Carbon Steering Brace for Yokomo BD5
Carbon Rear Wing Suport

Civic FD2 Mugen Type RR
Roche Ceramic Ball Bearings

May 24, 2010
New arrival
HPI Bodyshells
Hot Bodies Subaru Impreza
HPI Body Tuner Kit Type A

May 13, 2010
New arrival
EastCoast Civic Type R 190mm

YR Tornado 25mm and 30mm High Speed Fan
YR Aluminum Option Parts TT01 & TA05
IP Lipo and Life battery for Sanwa MX3, M11X, 3PK, 4PK

April 27,2010
New arrival
Roche Ceramic Ball Bearings Red
Yokomo Drift Kit Bearing Set
Tekin RS Pro ESC

ABC EK9 Civic Type R Bodyshell
YR 12GA Silicone Wires
YR Tornado Heatsink with High Speed Fan
SpeedPassion Heatsink
Futaba Brushless Servo

April 21,2010
New arrival
ABC Hobby bodyshells

MicroTemp Infra Red Temperature Gun

April 09, 2010
New arrival
Setup Robot for 1/10
Futaba BLS551 Brushless Low Profile Servo
Sanwa RX-451R Super Response M11x Receiver
Futaba 2.4GHz Coaxial Antenna Wire

Hex Tools Set
Sanwa ERG-WRX Fastest Digital Servo

April 02, 2010
New arrival
iMax Quattro B6, B610Pro and B6 Twins Chargers
Hobbywing XERUN 120Amp Ver2. Blue Edition ESC
LRP SXX Stock Spec ESC
LRP OCTA Wind Brushless Motor

Protoform R9-R and LTC-R Light Weight Bodyshells
Hudy One Way Lube

Mar 25, 2010
New arrival
Nosram Pearl Evolution ESC
Nosram Pure Evolution BL Motor

Mar 18, 2010
New arrival
VISTA Balance Charger/Discharger
Savox Low Profile Servo

RW Racing Spur Gears and Pinion Gears

Mar 15, 2010
New arrival
Team Orion Low Profile Digital Servo
CORE RC Titanium Gears Low Profile Servo

Schumacher Mi4LP Spare Parts

Mar 12, 2010
Sanwa M11X Radio Set
Speedmind Rims
Speedmind 4PK Radio Bag
YR Tools and Accessories
Radio skins for DX3R, M11X, 4PK and EX10
HobbyPro Tools and Accessories

Mar 01, 2010
New arrival
3Racing accessories and tools
3Racing Options parts for Cyclone, TRF416 and TT01

3Racing Balance Weight with Carbon Graphite
3Racing Serrated Locknut 4mm, Blue, Red, Pink

Feb 23, 2010
New arrival
Schumacher Mi4LP PRO Kit

Schumacher Mi4LP RACE Kit
Mi4 Parts

Feb 20, 2010
New arrival
Body Reinforced Tape
Electronic Digital Caliper

2 in 1 Ride Height and Droop Gauge
3 in 1 Camber Gauge
Chassis Setting Kit
Body Reamer
TT01 Option Parts

Feb 17, 2010
New arrival
IP 5600mah 50C Lipo

IP 5000mah 50C
IP 4000mah 25C
Speedmind Radio Bag for M11x, DX3R and Universal Bag.

Feb 13, 2010
New arrival
3Racing Balance Weight Graphite Pattern
LRP Power Capacitor Works Team

Team Associated TC5R Kit and Spare Parts
3Racing Cyclone Option Parts

Feb 10, 2010
New arrival
HPI E10 Option Parts
Lightweight Setup System

Tornado Fan
12 AWG and 14 AWG Silver Silicone Wires
5x10x4mm Metal Ball Bearings
Lipo 4000mah 25C

Feb 05, 2010
New arrival
Schumacher Mi4LP Race Kit

RW Racing Pinion and Spur
Schumacher Mi4 parts

Jan 18, 2010
New arrival
IP 5000mah 50C Lipo Battery
IP 5000mah 40C Lipo Battery
IP 2300mah 11.1v Lipo for MX3/3PK
Team Powers 11.5 Brushelss Motor

3Racing Options Parts of HB Cyclone

Jan 07, 2010
Happy New Year to all our customers, dealers and friends.
Thank you for the continous support.

Team Wave RBS Stock Spec Twin Turbo ESC
Team Speedmind Rims

Dec 22, 2009
Magnetic Hex Tool Set
F104 PRO Aluminium Conversion Kit
LRP X12 Vector Stock Spec 10.5 Gold
Team Wave RB-S Stock Spec ESC

Dark Drifter LED Light Kit
35 Amp 9T Brushless Combo
SC10 2WD Kit and RTR
TC5 Parts and Options
LRP SXX TC Spec Brushless ESC
LRP SPX Reverse Brushless ESC

Dec 14, 2009
Doctor Drift - Drift assist Unit
Restock HPI bodyshells, Drift Tires and Heavy Duty ball cup.

Dec 08, 2009
GT Power B6 Charger
GT Power Multi Distributor
GT Power 5A Adapter

Dec 01, 2009
Xerun 120A Ver2.0 Brushless Sensored ESC and Combo kit
Aluminium Mini Setup Wheels
Body Reamer
Foam Body Protector
Sanwa ERG-WRX Digital Servo - EXTREMELY fast 0.06sec

YR 35 Amp Ver.2 ESC with 9T Motor
4mm Lock Nut Light Blue, Red and Purple
Monster Heatsink Cooler RED

Nov 18, 2009
Cheetah Foam tires
M05 Body Binder

RW Racing Pinion and spurs
IP5000 40C Lipo
IP4000 25C Lipo

Oct 20, 2009
HPI Chevy Chevrolet 200mm
HPI Toyota Supra Aero 200mm
Square Drift Tires

ABC EK9 Civic Body

Oct 01, 2009
3Racing Options pars for M05, Cyclone and 416

Sept 18, 2009
3Racing M05 Option Parts
Protoform Mazda Speed 6 Light Weight
Tamiya M05 Pro Chassis
Tamiya M05 Mini Cooper

Sept 10, 2009
Tech Racing Option Parts for Tamiya M05
JET Option Parts for HPI Cup Racer Mini
East 350GT Skyline Body 200mm
Blade Wagon Type R Mini Body

HPI Mini Civic Bodyshells restock

Sept 1, 2009
Team Roche Heavy Duty Spool for Yokomo BD5
Team Roche Sensor Wire 85mm

PowerHD Digital Servo High Speed
PowerHD Digital Servo High Torque

August 28, 2009
Team Epic/Trinity I-Gauss Rotor Strenght Checker
Team Epic/Trinity LiPo Battery Warmer
Team Trinity Tire Tweak

August 24, 2009
Team Roche R4 Super Power Capacitor
Team Roche Heavy Duty Spool for Yokomo BD5
Team Roche Aluminium Spring Holder Cup
Team Powers 11.5T Brushless Motor
3Racing Options for Tamiya M05

Sanwa M11X
Protoform Mazda Speed 6 190mm

August 12, 2009
Futaba 2PL 2.4Ghz FHSS
3Racing Options for Tamiya M05
3Racing Radio Bag Version 3
Schumacher Option parts for Mi4

August 05, 2009
Speedmind M11X Radio Bag
Speedmind AeroDish Orange Wheel
HPI Racing AeroDish White Wheel

July 29, 2009
Schumacher Mi3.5
Schumacher Mi4 Pro Kit
Schumacher Mi4 Pro Kit Assembled Ver

New arrival
Team Trinity Pro LiPo Battery Warmer
Team Trinity Royal Oil
1:10 Mini Foam Tires - super traction for your Mini to burn the track!

July 20, 2009
New arrival
ATS Foam 1/10 Touring Car Tires. Made in Italy
Aluminium Turnbuckle Wrench 3.0mm, 3.5mm and 4.0mm

July 16, 2009
New arrival
Venom Snake Eye Micro DV Cam - Onboard Recording
Venom RC Bike
Venom Creeper Competition Crawler

July 09. 2009
IP5000mah 40C 2S Lipo Battery
3Racing Alum Body Support

HPI Ford Mustang GT-R
HPI Ford Shelby
HPI T&E Vertex Ridge JZX100
Ride Accord Type C
Ride Mini Wheels and Moulded Inserts
3Racing Alum Antenna Holder

June 29, 2009
New arrival
2300mah Lipo Tx Battery for Sanwa M11/MX3/Futaba 3PK/3PM

TT01/E Carbon Graphite Conversion Kit
RW Racing pinion gears
RW Racing spur gears

June 27, 2009
Futaba 4PK
Sanwa MX3FG
Protoform Mazda Speed 6
Protoform LTC-R
Tamiya Xanavi Nismo GT-R R35
Tune Up 2mm Ver 09 Chassis for A210SS
Tune Up Titanium Screws
ZTW Sensorless Brushless Motor

June 25, 2009
New arrival
Yeah Racing Version 2 Brushless system
LiPo 2000mah 7.4v for Receiver / Sanwa M11X

June 15, 2009
New arrival
Sanwa M11X 2.4Ghz Radio

June 12, 2009
New arrival
MooreSpeed bodyshells
AX10 High Clearance Knuckles
Tamiya M03 High Grade Aluminium Damper
Hudy One Way Lube

June 08, 2009
New arrival
GT Power A606 6 Amp Charger (for use with 5200mah Lipo packs!)
Schumacher Mi4 Pro Kit

June 01, 2009
New arrival
Team Associated SC10 Ready to Run 2WD Truck
LRP SPX Competition Stock Spec Brushless ESC

May 29, 2009
New arrival
Mtroniks Brushless System 100% Waterproof
RydBatt Lipo Battery Hardcase 5200 35C, 4000 30C

May 25, 2009
New arrival
Switching Power Supply Units 1A, 5A, 15A, 20A, 30A and 40Amp
Topcad Tools and Heatsink with Fan
TT01 and TRF416 option parts

May 22, 2009
New arrival
HPI Low Profile Tires and Rims
Ride Accord Mini Bodyshell
Ride Mini Belted Tires High and Medium Temperature
Ceramic Diff Balls
Ceramic Ball Bearings
PowerHD Digital and Analog Servos

May 12, 2009
HPI, ABC and Hotbodies bodyshells
3Racing Options parts for M03M, TA05, TT01, Cyclone and Kyosho
Futaba 4PK

April 30, 2009
New arrival
Sanwa SDX-801 Low Profile Digital Servo

AX10 option parts
Futaba 4PK Radio and Digital Servo
KO Propo EX1 UR Radio and Digital Servo
Protoform Mazda Speed 6 190mm Bodyshell

April 22, 2009
New arrival
Ride 190mm Bodyshell - D-Stratus MkIV, Accord Type C
PowerHD Digital Servo

Active Hobby Japan A210SSEHG (with Sports Exige Bodyshell)
Team Speedmind Radio Bag
ZTW Brushless Sensorless

April 17, 2009
Schumacher Mi3.5 RACE kit and Spare parts
YR TT01 Option parts
MicroTemp USA Infra Red Temperature Reader

April 15, 2009
New arrival
HPI E10 Kit
HPI Cup Racer Kit
HPI Honda Odyssey 200mm
ABC Hobby Nissan Fairlady 240Z
ABC Hobby Mazda Savanna GT

April 09, 2009
New arrival
Venom Racing R/C GP Motorbike
Venom Creeper Crawler Pro Kit
Dynam Charger
RW Racing Type Xray Spur Gears (Black color)
Active Hobby A210SS Pro Kit and spare parts
Active Hobby Mini Bodyshells - Atenza, Mazda RX-7, VW Beetle and Lotus Exige.
Restock EP5000mah 35C Lipo Hardcase

Mar 24, 2009
New arrival
3Racing Options for Kyosho TF5, HPI Cyclone and Tamiya TT01

Mar 17, 2009
Re stock
GT Power V5, A6 and A6-10 Balance Chargers
TopCad Setup Tool
Sanwa MX3 FG Series

Mar 12, 2009
New arrival
ZTW Brushless System

Mar 10, 2009
Team Associated TC5
Topcad Tools and Accessories

Mar 5, 2009
Re stock
YR Lipo 3200 ROAR Approved Lipo Battery
YR Lipo Battery for KO, Futaba, Sanwa, Spektrum
EP 1500mah Receiver Battery Hump and Flat

Mar 3, 2009
Re stock
Speedmind Wheels
Speedmind Radio Bag

Feb 26, 2009
New arrival
Schumacher Racing Mi 3.5 PRO
Schumacher Racing Mi 3.5 RACE

Feb 19, 2009
New arrival
Team Wave Brushless Motor 5.5. 6.5, 11.5T in stock now.

Feb 13, 2009
New arrival
Active Hobby M Chassis A210DS Ready to Run
Sanwa MX-3 FG Edition

Feb 10, 2009
New arrival
HPI bodyshells

Feb 4, 2009
New arrival
Futaba 4PK Radio skins

Feb 2, 2009
New arrival
ABC Hobby Bodyshells
HPI Racing Tires, Wheels and Bodyshells

Jan 31, 2009
Restocked RW Racing Pinion and Spur Gears

Jan 23, 2009
Team Associated car kits and parts
Team Speedmind Foam tires and radio bags

Jan 13, 2009
Re-stocked Team Wave Brushless System

Jan 09, 2009
GT Power V5, A6 and A6-10 Charger and Discharger

Jan 05, 2009
Wishing a Very Happy New Year to all customers, dealers and supporters.

New arrival
Yeah Racing Sensorless Brushless ESC and motor
New 10T Blue motor with ESC - RM 490.00 Only
12T motor with ESC - RM 450.00 Only

Dec 23, 2008
East Power 3200 25C Lipo Battery
4000 25C Lipo Battery
5200 35C Lipo Battery
East Power 1500mah Receiver Battery
East Power 4600 Stick Pack
East Power 3000 Stick Pack

Dec 12, 2008
Sanwa MX-3 2.4Ghz

Dec 09. 2008
New arrival
HPI Drift tires, HPI Garage Bag, HPI Tuner Kit, HPI Ford Mustang GT-R

Dec 05, 2008
New arrival
Speedmind Radio Bag for Futaba 4PK, KO Propo EX-1UR
Speedmind New More Grip foam tires.

Nov 29, 2008
Topcad GT Wing, Allen Wrench Mm and Inches, Car stand

Nov 20, 2008
New arrival
YR 3600mah 20C Lipo in stock

Nov 18, 2008
New arrival
Team Wave RB50 Brushless ESC - No limit

Nov 08, 2008
New arrival
Digital Servo Metal Gear Ball Bearing
Lipo Voltage Monitor with Alarm
Lipo Voltage Reader

Nov 04, 2008
New arrival
Novak Havoc Brushless System

Nov 03, 2008
GT Power V5 and A6 Chargers - restocked

Nov 01, 2008
Protoform 200mm bodyshells - Stratus 3.1 and Mazda 6
KO Propo Digital Servos
Futaba Digital Servos

Oct 22, 2008
East Power Ni-MH Battery 4200, 4600, 1500 Flat/Hump Receiver Pack

Oct 20,2008
Trinity 13GA Silicone Wires, Red Dot, Royal Oil, Battery Cooler
Mtroniks ESC

Oct 13, 2008
New arrival
ABC Hobby Bodyshells

YR Brushless Motor System
YR 3600mAh 20C LiPo

Oct 07, 2008
New arrival
Futaba 4PK
Active Hobby A210SS Option and Spare parts
Schumacher Spare parts restocked
MicroTemp Temperature Gun restocked
Speedmin Foam tires restocked

Sept 29, 2008
New arrival
Turbo RPM Cooling Fan 25mm and 30mm

Sept 27, 2008
New arrival
Novak Rooster Crawler combot with 55T
Novak SLYDR system 6.5 and 8.5T

Sept 23, 2008
Team Associated Parts and Car Kits
Team Wave Brushless System

Sept 22, 2008
New arrival
3Racing Option parts for AX10
Intellect Battery 4600 Stick Pack and Single Cells

Sept 19, 2008
Yeah Racing Option Parts
TA05 - Alloy Turnbuckle, Alloy Steering Set, Alloy Rear Knuckle
TT01 - Alloy Upper Suspension Mount, Alloy Front Knuckle, Alloy Rear Knuckle
Aluminum 50mm Damper Set for 1:10 Touring Car
High Speed Metal Gear Servo

Sept 11, 2008
New arrival
Yeah Racing 4000mah 25C Lipo Battery with HardCase
Yeah Racing Dark Drifter Light Kit

Sept 08, 2008
HPI T-Drift Stage D Drift Tires
HPI Ford Mustang GT-R
HPI Ford Mustang
HPI Nissan Silvia
Mtroniks ESC
Sanwa M11 2.4Ghz
Sanwa Neck Strap
Futaba 3PM 2.4Ghz
Futaba Neck Strap
KO Propo EX1 UR 2.4Ghz
AX10 Scorpion Option Parts
LRP Sphere w/3.5T Brushelss System
Protoform Mazda Speed 6 190mm
MuchMore Ultra High Speed Fan

August 28, 2008
New arrival
RW Racing Pinion Gears
Novak Pinion Gears

Novak SLYDR Brushless System re-stocked.

August 25, 2008
New arrival
Speedmind Carbon Car Carrier Bag
Speedmind Foam Tires
Speedmind Futaba 3PK Radio Bag
Speedmind Wheels
Sanwa MX3 2.4Ghz
Sanwa Blazer AM

August 22, 2008
New arrival
Yeah Racing Light Strip Undercar LED kit
Yeah Racing Tranmistter Lipo pack 2200mah
Yeah Racing 3600mAh 20C Lipo Battery Pack
Nitro Starter Kit
M4 Nut Driver

August 20, 2008
New Arrival
Speed Way Pal Slide Master Wheels
ABC Hobby Lancer EvoIII 190mm Bodyshell

GT Power A6 Charger/Discharger
GT Power V5 Charger

August 08, 2008
Venom Brushless System
Associated TC5R

August 07, 2008
New arrival
Novak SLYDR Drift Brushless System
Novak Rooster Reversible
Novak Rooster Crawler
Novak Goat Brushless Crawler System
Novak Lipo Cut Off

HPI XSA Wheel - 3mm and 6mm in stock now

August 05, 2008
New arrival
Balancer Adapter for Lipo pack without balancer connector.

August 01, 2008
GT Power V5 Charger

July 30, 2008
New arrival
3Racing Option Parts for AX10 Scorpion

3Racing Brake Disc
IB4600 Stick Pack with Tamiya Plug

July 29, 2008
New arrival
CraftRC Radio Skinz for Futaba 3PM, Futaba 3PK and Sanwa M11
Option Part for AX10 Scorpion

Topcad Car Stand, Drift Tires, GT Wings, Deans Plug

July 25, 2008
New arrival
Team Wave RB30 Brushless Controller with 7.5T, 10.5T Combo Kit
Mtroniks ESC restocked
Venom Racing Brushless System
Venom Racing Battery Building Kit
Venom Racing Ball Cup Plier
Venom Racing Side Cutter

July 22, 2008
Axial Racing AX-10 ARTR Scorpion

July 21, 2008
New arrival
5mm LED Rainbow Flashing LED for Dark Drifter Light Kit
HPI Super Drift Tires

HPI Drift Tires and Work XSA Rims
Dark Drifter Flashing Light Kit

July 17, 2008
New arrival
Associated TC5R Rubber Edition Touring Car
Reedy Flash Sport Modified Motor
Reedy Flash Rock Crawler Motor

RC18R On Road 1:18 Scale
RC10B44 4WD Offroad Buggy
RC10 Nitro TC3 Ready to Run
Sidewinder Fuel

July 14, 2008
New arrival
Speedmind foam tires
Speedmind M11 and 3PK radio bag

July 10, 2008
New arrival
Yeah Racing M03M Universal Joint Drive Shaft
Yeah Racing Turnbuckle 4mm/5mm Tool
Yeah Racing LED Light Kit back in stock
Yeah Racing Chassis Setup Tool

Trinity Battery Cooler
Trinity Kreepy Crawler Motor
Trinity Shrink Wrap
Trinity 13Ga Silicone Wire
Trinity Speedgem Extreme Modified Motors
Trinity Transmitter Bag
Trinity Battery Bag

July 09, 2008
New arrival
Bantamtek latest Two Meter -unit check current, voltage, capacity and balancing for Lithium cells

July 08, 2008
New arrival
Atlas Crawler Motor 90T
HPI Drift Tires and Wheels
HPI Tuner Kit - Back in stock now!

July 03, 2008
New arrival
Axial latest model! AX10 Scorpion Rock Crawler - Almost Ready to Run - Factory Built

Back in stock
Power supply 8.5A, 12.5A and 29A

July 01, 2008
New arrival
Topcad TT01, M03, TA05 option parts
Topcad Graphite Body Reamer, Curve Scissors, Motor Heatsink Silver, Fan
East Power 1500mah Receiver pack in Hump and Flat style
East Power 1500mah 7.2v Battery Pack for RC18 and 1:18 scales.

June 30, 2008
Back in stock
NEW Intellect 4600 SHVcells - Latest batch in stick pack and single cell.

June 27, 2008
New arrival
Yeah Racing High Speed servo at RM 99.00 only!
YR 4000mAH 25C Lipo with Hard Case
14GA Silicone Wires
Dark Drifter Flashing LED Light Kit in stock now

June 25, 2008
In stock
Yuntong 5000mah 20C Hard Case Lipo 7.4v
KO Propo Digital Servo
Futaba Digital and Brushless Servos
3Racing Option Parts for M03
3Racing Battery Strap
Kawada Pinions and Spur Gear
Protoform DNA 200mm Bodyshell

June 23, 2008
New arrival
GT Power V5 Balance Charger Black Edition
GT Power A6 Balance Charger/Discharger

June 20, 2008
New arrival
HPI classis 200mm bodyshells - Ford Shelby, Plymouth, GT Mustang
ABC Hobby 200mm bodyshells - AE86, RX7 FD
HPI Mini X Pattern Belted tires and Star wheel

June 18, 2008
New Speedmind Radio Bag for M11
All Speedmind wheels in stock
Sorex Type C Medium insert in stock

We would like to thank all our customers for the continous supports. Many of you have no problem locating our new place.
Kami amat menghargai semua pelanggan yang sentiasa memberi sokongan yang baik kepada kami, nampakya tiada masalah bagi anda untuk mencari kedai baru kami.

June 14, 2008
You can find us at this map

Sila rujuk peta disini untuk alamat baru kami.

June 06, 2008
New arrival
Craft RC Radio Skins

June 05, 2008
Back in stock now
IB4600mah SHV Single Cell
IB3800mah Stick pack with Tamiya Plug
IB3000mah Stick pack with Tamiya Plug
Brushless Motor Twin Fan Heatsink
Aluminium Damper 55mm Set Blue
3Racing Brake Disc
3Racing Upper Front Arm Adjustable Camber for TT01
3Racing Upper Rear Arm Adjustable Camber for TT01
Nitro Starter Kit

June 04, 2008
Back in stock now
EP4600mah stick pack with Tamiya Plug - RM 199.00
EP3000mah stick pack with Tamiya Plug - RM 109.00
Topcad Motor heatsink Fan
Topcad Aluminum GT Wings, 155mm, 165mm and 180mm. All available.

June 01, 2008
With Effective from 23 JUNE 2008
Please be informed that TP Racing will be relocate to a new address. Please refer to the map for the direction, is just 2km from the old location.

Mulai dari tarikh 23 JUNE 2008
Sila maklum bahawa TP Racing akan berpindah ke alamat baru, sila rujuk peta untuk panduan ke alamat baru kami yang berdekatan sahaja.

May 20, 2008
New arrival
Team Associated parts and Reedy 19T Spec Motor - Best for Drifting
RC10B44 in stock

May 14, 2008
New arrival
Active Hobby M-Chassis A210SS 1:12 AWD Kit
Active Hobby Old School Drift Tires
Mtroniks ESC

May 13, 2008
New arrival
Microtemp InfraRed Temperature Gun and Compact Reader
Team Wave V2 Discharge in stock now
EP4600 Ni-MH in stock now

May 10, 2008
TP Racing is now also accessible via www.tpracing.com.my

May 07, 2008
New arrival
M11 2.4Ghz back in stock
Kawada 48 pitch Duralumin Pinions 19T, 20T and 21T in stock now.
Much More Ultra High RPM Cooling Fan 25mm and 30mm in stock now.
Ceramic Ball Bearings for 11x5x4mm, 10x5x4mm and 8x5x2.5mm

May 05, 2008
New arrival:
Yeah Racing TA05, TT01 Option parts and Dark Drfiter Light Kit all in stock now.

May 02, 2008
New arrival:
Bantam BC6 and PB6 Balancer all in stock now
12V 8.5Amp, 12Amp and 29Amp Power Supply all in stock now

April 22, 2008
New arrival:
TopCad Motor heatsink with fan, Blue, Red and Purple color all in stock now.
TopCad Drift tires set
Associated Electrics parts and kits
Reedy 19T Spec

April 21, 2008
New arrival:
Yeah Racing Option Parts for Tamiya TT-01 and TA05
Yeah Racing Chassis Setup Tool
Yeah Racing Brushless Dual Fan Heatsink
BOL BASIC 01 Charger

April 18, 2008
In stock now
LiPo 5000mAh with Hard Case
Battery Saver for LiPo

April 16, 2008
New arrival:
HPI 190mm Toyota Levin AE86
Mazda RX7FD3S
Nissan Skyline R34
Nissan Silvia S15

April 15, 2008
In stock now
Speedmind wheels, radio bag for Sanwa M11 and Futaba 3PK
LRP Battery Coditioner 2 and Sphere TC Spec Brushless Controller

April 11, 2008
In stock now
3Racing options parts for TT-01
3Racing Brake Disc for 1:10
IB4600 Stick Pack

April 07, 2008
In stock now
BOL Basic and Data chargers
Team Wave Lightning V2 Discharger

March 29, 2008
In stock now
Grepow 1400mAH Receiver Battery 6v

March 27, 2008
In stock now
GT Power charger

March 19, 2008
New arrival:
Battery LiPo 3200mah 7.4V 20C with hardcase (fits M-Chassis)
LED Lightings
High Speed Servo - RM129 only
Motor Heatsink with 2 Brushless Fans

March 14, 2008
New Arrival:
TopCad Option parts for TT01 and M03M
TopCad Drift Tires
TopCad Motor Heatsink with Fan

March 04, 2008
New Arrival:
3Racing option parts for M03M - Ball Diff, Damper Set, Ball Bearing, Front Knuckle...
Lipo Voltage Reader
Kawada pinions
Futaba Digital Servos S9351
HPI bodyshells, Subaru Impreza, Honda Integra, Toyota Castrol Altezza, Nissan 350Z,
ABC Hobby Suzuki Swift & Mitsubishi Colt

Feb 29, 2008
New Arrival:
GT Power V5 Balance Charger

Feb 28, 2008
New Arrival:
Grepow 4200mah Ultra Power High Voltage Plus
Team Associated RC8 Racing Spec Ready to Run

Feb 25, 2008
New Arrival:
ABC Hobby Mini Bodyshell

Feb 21, 2008
New arrival:
Team Wave Lightning V2 in stock now.

Feb 20, 2008
New Arrival:
BlueBird high speed metal gear servo
Atomic pinions and AM crystals
Intellect 3800, 4200 & 4600 Batteries

Feb 13, 2008
New Arrival:
Team Orion 4200SHO Cells and Matched packs
Team Orion Vortex 3.5T and 4.5T Brushless in stock now
Team Orion Speedy Drop and Free Revs Oils

Feb 06, 2008
New Arrival:
Trinity Tire Tweak, Death Grip - tire traction compound
Trinity RC8 Option Parts
Trinity/Epic Bearing Oiler
Trinity Quad Wrench

Feb 04, 2008
New Arrival:
5000mAh 7.4V LiPo Battery Pack with Hard Casing
Grepow 4200mah Stick pack and side by side

Jan 29, 2008
In stock now:
Sanwa M11 2.4Ghz
Futaba 3PK 2.4Ghz
Team RPM Camber Gauge
TLP X-15 NiCD/NiMH/LiIon/LiPo/Pb AC/DC Charger
Mtroniks ESC

Jan 23, 2008
New arrival -
Bantam BC6 and 301DX chargers in stock now. EAC144 Multi adapater for BC6, allows charger to charge 2 X 3S or 3 X 2S packs.

Jan 14, 2008
New arrival -
TopCad products, motor fan with heatsink, car stand and etc are now all back in stock.

Jan 09, 2008
Happy New Year to all our supporters, dealers, customers and sippliers.

New arrival -
3Racing products for Tamiya M03 chassis.
Ride height gauge and Ball End remover tool now available.

Dec 24, 2007
New products - Yeah Racing Flashing LED light kit, TA05 Universal Joint, Nut driver

Dec 17, 2007
New products: LiPo Battery 5000mAh 7.4v with Hard Casing
In stock now: BOL BASIC charger, Supercool Fan Car Stand and Power Bridge

Dec16, 2007
To give our customer a faster access and pleasant browsing, TP Racing now hosted by IX Webhosting, Kentucky USA (one of the best webhosting company)

Dec 07, 2007
In stock now:
Team Wave Lightning Discharger V2

Dec 05 ,2007
In stock now:
Team Orion Charger
Team Orion Vortex Brushless Motor
Team Orion Katana 23T Stock Motor

Dec 03, 2007
New EP4600 Matched Battery

Nov 28, 2007
Stock arrival:
TopCad Setup Station

Nov 22, 2007
Stock arrival:
Team Associated RC8 1/8th Scale Offroad Buggy
Team Associated RC10 B44 Offroad 4WD Buggy

Nov 20, 2007
Stock arrival:
East Power 4600 mAh Ni-Mh cells
East Power 4200 mAh Ni-Mh stick packs
East Power 3800 stick packs
East Power Hump and Flat receiver packs

Oct 24, 2007
New arrival:
Futaba 3PK 2.4Ghz
Futaba 3PM 2.4Ghz
Sanwa MX3FHSS 2.4Ghz

Venom Racing products:
Bullet Plugs
Micro Temperature

1/10 Setup Station
Motor Fan and heatsink

Oct 11, 2007
Team Wave Lightning V2 Discharger in stock now.

Sept 27, 2007
We have added more range of chargers and accessories from Battery Option Limited (BOL)
Manufacturer of high quality products with affordable pricing.

Sept 24, 2007
In stock now:
All Mtroniks ESC and new Micro Fail safe

Sept 14, 2007
New arrival:
Futaba 3PK 2.4Ghz
Futaba 3PM 2.4Ghz
Futaba S9452 Digital servo - replacing S9451
Sanwa M11
Sanwa M11 DSSS Module and Receiver
Li-Po Battery 2100mAh for Sanwa and Futaba radio

Sept 05, 2007
New products arrival from Trinity.
Handwound modified motor at affordable price - Trinity EX Modified
Car/Battery cooler stand
Trinity Grand Stand that fits 1/16th to 1/7th scale

Sept 03, 2007
In stock now - Team Wave Ligthning V2 Discharger

August 30, 2007
Stock up:
Bantam chargers

August 28, 2007
New arrival:
Active Hobby drift tires and wheels, Tamiya Mini drift tires and wheels
Nissan S15 Silvia bodyshell

August 23, 2007
New arrival:
Team Orion new Katana motor, Avionics charger, Carbon Li-po battery

August 22, 2007
New arrival:
Topcad products - TT-01, M03-M, TA05 Aluminum parts
TLP AC/DC chargers
Topcad Drift tires and wheels
Walkera new Dual rotors Heli and world smallest palm size 4 channel heli.

August 16, 2007
New arrival:
Futaba 3PK 2.4GHz
Futaba 3PM 2.4GHz
Sanwa, KO Propo and Futaba digital servos.
Pro Exotics Temperature Gun with laser guide

August 08, 2007
East Power 4200mAH M-III and M-II stick pack 7.2v are in stock now.
East Power matched pack
3Racing ride height
RPM Camber Gauge

July 19.2007
New arrival:
East Power 4200 M-III spec cells.

July 06, 2007
More parts and kits from Schumacher has arrived.

July 04, 2007
In stock now:
Futaba 3PM 2.4Ghz
Futaba 3PK HRS 75mhz
Futaba S9451 servos
Bluebird High Speed digital servo

June 27, 2007
TLP AC/DC chargers
Topcad aluminum parts for Tamiya TT-01, 415MS, TA-05 and M-03.

June 25, 2007
Added Mtroniks products - Good quality and high performance yet economical ESCs.
Added EastPower Ni-Mh rechargeable cells, high quality, high voltage and high runtime, reasonable pricing.

June 20, 2007
In stock now Sanwa M11 radio and crystals.

June 01, 2007
New Arrival:
Team Associated TC5 Factory Team Kit

May 30, 2007
Great news! We have added Schumacher Mi-3 to our range. The new Mi-3 has just arrived and is now available.
For more information about the car, please visit Schumacher's website - click here

In stock now:
Team Orion chargers, comm stick, brushes, method R and Katana motors..
Intellect batteries 3800mah and 4200mah

May 21, 2007
New Arrival:
Active Hobby bodyshells, Mazda FD3S RX-7, Nissan Silvia S-15 and AE86 Trueno
Normal Drift tires and Spark Drift tires all in stock now.

May 15, 2007
New Arrival:
TopCad options parts for Tamiya TA-05, TT-01 and M-03M
TopCad tools and accessorie

Bantam Chargers 301DX and BC-5 now in stock.

April 24, 2007

New brands added to our range:
Trinity DPD Discharger
Trinity Battery Bag
Trinity 3200 battery
Epic bearing oil and teflon chassis oil
Tire traction compound for foam and rubber tires!

March 29, 2007

New arrival:
- Active Hobby AE86 Levin Bodyshell - nice AE86 body come with a carrying box
- Active Hobby Spark replacment drift tires

New brands added to our range:
- TOPCAD Allen wrench, nut drivers, motor heatsink, car stand and many new tools and accessories at affordable prices.
- RW Racing Pinions Gears - The pinions are made from HE30 aluminium, grade 6082T6 and hard anodised.
- Team Wave Lightning V2 Discharger/Equalizer

Feb 15, 2007

New arrival:
- Active Hobby Spark and Drift II tires and wheels
- GT wings

Jan 31, 2007

New arrival:
-Novak GTB 3.5R brushless system, sintered rotor, GTX and GTS ESC all in stock now.
-GP 3900mah, GP4300mah, Intellect 3000mah,3800mah and 4200mah battery pack.
-Motor heatsink with cooling fan.

Jan 15, 2007
New arrival:
KM Racing fuel gun
Walkera palm sized helicopter - the smallest ever..

Special offer for 1/8th scale Protoform bodyshell.

Dec 30, 2006

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
Special thanks to our supporters, customers and suppliers. Another year has passed! Looking forward to 2007, wishing everyone a good and successful year ahead.

Oct 12, 2006
New arrival
Team Orion products
Tire traction spray
Comm drops
Bearing oil

June 8, 2006
New Arrival
Bantam chargers:
eStation 902
eStation 701
eStation 301DX
PB 5 Balancer

May 1, 2006
New arrival
Novak GTB 4.5R
Team Orion products

April 26, 2006
New arrival
Walkera helicopters model #5-4, #22E and #36

April 21, 2006
New Arrival
Bantamtek Li-po chargers

Mar 16, 2006
Associated RC18 Buggy 2WD
RC10TC4 Ready to Run

Mar 08, 2006
New arrival -
Walkera heli model 22E
Venom Racing 1200mah 6v receiver packs, flat and hump.
Venom Racing 3600mah 7.2V battery pack

Motor Saver Air Filter, USA
for 1:10 and 1:8 engines.

Oct 19, 2005
New arrival -
Novak GTB Brushless Systems with 5.5R motor
Novak HV-Maxx Brushless for Monster truck
Novak GTS Pro Sport ESC
Novak Flatline Discharger Tray
Novak Ionic-D Charger and Discharger

Oct 1, 2005
New products added to our rangel - R/C Helicopters

Sept 13, 2005
New arrival - Associated Factory Team TC4 racing car kit.

April 16, 2005
New arrival -
Novak Super Sport Plus ESC that supports both brush and brushless motor.
Novak Nitro Servo Regulator that improves battery run time and power consistency for Nitro racers.
RC10TC4 Ready to Run

Jan 10, 2005
TP Racing (M) Sdn Bhd wishes Happy New Year to all RC hobbyist and would like to thanks all dealers and customers for their supports

New arrival
Smartech Exquiste Micro Helicopter

Nov 30, 2004
New arrival
Associated RC18T 4WD truck
Associated RC12L4
Associated RC10TC4 Now in stock

Smartech Exquiste Micro Heli ARF

Oct 06, 2004
New arrival
Novak 14ga silicone wires

1:8 buggy tires - Badland, Kunckle 2.0 and Crime Fighter
Nemesis bodyshell 190 & 200mm

Sept 16, 2004
For a limited period of time, we are offering a very special price only for Mazda 6 190mm bodyshell at RM 40.00 each.
We hope this will lower the cost of RC racing and more racers will be able to join the coming last quarter of the year races.

Sept 01, 2004
Team Associated new improved electric touring car will be arriving soon. Keep an eye for RC10TC4.

Sorry for the slow update lately. I have been very busy and for the first time me being a daddy, it was really stressful but fun and happy!
Finally manage to steal time out to race again, hopefully can race more from now!

May 18, 2004
New products arrival:
1. Dubro Pitstop Trackside caddy
2. Team Novak Platinum 3300 matched cells
3. Team Novak Smart Tray Discharger
4. Team Novak XRS ESC
5. Protoform 1:18 Micro shells - Alfa Romeo 2.0 & Mazda 6

April 18, 2004
Upload Ibai Gold & Country RC challenge, Kuala Trengganu race results.

New product:
Ultra Safe - fail safe system for your gas powered car that can save you from frequency clash.
Save money for costly runaway repair and damage cause by frequency clash.

March 30, 2004
Upload Penang race result

March 3, 2004
New arrival -
Protoform Buggy wing for 1/8 off road
Protoform Mazda 6 190mm and 200mm now in stock
Novak Ionic DC charger
Speedmind 7.2V Discharger with fan

Upload Andalas RC Club race on 29 Feb 2004

Feb 05, 2004
Novak Xxtra Xxtra Light AM and FM receiver are in stock now.

Jan 27. 2004
Great fresh 2004 new year. Happy New Year to all racers and RC enthusiasts.

New arrival - Eagle Tree Systems - R/C Car Data Recorder
- everything that you need to know about your car - Check this out

Thanks to all dealers and customers that supported our latest Protoform special promotion price.
To those who have not got theirs, better be quick!

Dec 19, 2003
New Arrival - Venom Speed Meter - measures Top Speed, Odometer, Voltmeter & MPH/KPH

Dec 9, 2003
New arrival - latest Protoform body shell Mazda 6 is in stock now.
GM Racing Motor Box and Battery Box

Nov 5, 2003
With the long holiday season ahead, TP Racing will be arranging many good deals and
promotions for all our customers.

During this promotion :
Buy a Associated TC3 Racer Kit & Novak Brushless System now for only RM 1,500.00 nett
(While stock last)

Buy a Associated TC3 Factory Team Kit at RM 1.350.00 and get a FREE One-Way Diff worth RM 248.00

We now accept American Express card payment for all purchases.

Oct 30, 2003
New products - Lunsford Titanium Products for NTC3, Xray and Losi.
Frewer Porscher GT1 200mm Bodyshell
Aerohawk Micro Heli now in stock

Uploaded Tesco Klang racing results.

Oct 19, 2003
Uploaded Kuala Trengganu RC race results.

Sept 30, 2003
New arrival - Venom Racing Fireball Modifieds motor - economical!

-We will be close on 3thh & 4th Oct to attend the Langkawi RC Race
-Kami akan tutup pada 3hb & 4hb Oct untuk menyertai perlumbaan Langkawi RC Race

Sept 05. 2003
Uploaded Aug 31 & Sept 1Merdeka Putrajaya Race results

New arrival -
Frewer latest Lola style bodyshell - Loletta shell
RC12L3 On Road is in stock now

August 25, 2003
Uploaded Aug 24 Sri Andalas -Majlis Perbandaran Klang Race results

New arrival -
Protoform new bodies:
- Alfa Romeo 2.0 (190mm) & 2.1 (200mm)
- Vauxhall Astra BTCC 190mm & 200mm
- Lamborghini Gallardo 200mm

Speedmind Foam tires - after receiving several requests from our customers asking for
higher traction compound for parking lot racing, we reported to Speedmind factory and now
we would like to announce the latest arrival of the 32 shore foam by Speedmind.
All shores are now in stock.

August 11, 2003
Uploaded Aug 10 Seremban 2 Merdeka Race results

July 28, 2003
New arrival -
KO Propo latest digital servo - PDS 2343 Intereactive Communication System
Venom Racing - Battery Monitor, new fuel bottle and new lower price 1100mah 6.0v receiver pack

July 19, 2003
New arrival -
PMB RC Racing Products - Universal Setup System and Setup Board
Check out the low price!

Price lowered on Ionic AC/DC charger by Novak factory, now even more affordable for everyone, click here

July 14, 2003
New products -
O'Donnell Racing Fuel
Team Speedmind Receiver Pack Discharger
Nova Rossi new engine NS12 S5 Port Turbo engine

July 02, 2003
We now bring you yet another new product for your RC cars, TA Emerald Industries cleaning
products that were endorsed by Associated Electrics and Reedy.

Please contact your local hobby shop and ask for these products:
1. NitroClean - for cleaning Nitro powered RC cars
2. Performance Plus 3 - for cleaning Electric powered RC cars
3. Performance Duster - produces 96psi blasting power of air to blow away contaminants

SMC Matched batteries all now in stock at an unbeatable prices!

Good news to all offroader hobbyist, we now have a fantastic international stadard off road track
located in Sg. Buloh, Selangor. Please click here to take a look at the track.

June 09, 2003
Uploaded Ipoh Race results
New picture of the Taman Sri Andalas RC Track, Klang.

June 03, 2003
Frewer International LOLA bodyshell has arrived. We have faxed the wholesale price list to all dealers,
please let us know if you did not receive our price list. Customers please call your local hobby shop to
find out the new attractive price.

May 26, 2003
Good news to all RC racers and dealers, again we added more products to our distribution list,
we re now the distributor for Frewer LOLA 1/10th bodies and the 2002 ISTC World Cup Champion fuel,
O'Donnell Racing from USA. These products are on the way to our shore and do check back often for
more details.

We now have POS terminal to provide our customers cashless sales transaction for better security and

Racing results:
May 25, 2003 - MMU Convo Race, Ayer Keroh Melaka
Azri Amri with his Associated NTC3, RB powered and Trinity Monster nitro fuel still continue the NTC3
domination by winning the race in Melaka. Eventhough having mistakes made by his pitcrew that caused him to
ran out of fuel a few times, with his superb racing skill and consistency, he manage to overtake the leader
Leonard Ong/Mugen MTX3 at the very last minute of the 40min final race to grab the Champion position.

May 06, 2003
It's here XXXmain picture glue, paintmasks and cool decals...now you too can paint like a pro.
For more information on XXXmain products..please visit www.xxxmain.com

We are now the distributor for XXXmain, dealers please contact us for pricing if you have not receive our
price list.

Stay tune and please come back again...we are adding more good products to our range, TP Racing will
bring nothing but only TOP PERFORMANCE products to you racers, sooner than you think!

April 27, 2003
TP Racing brings you another top quality and high performance parts from Hardcore Racing Products USA
Stay tune for more...we are expecting our shipment from XXXmain paint masks and stickers.

New arrival:
New Venom Fail Safe - smaller in size, better in feature..now with battery fail safe!
Team Speedmind foam tires for touring car is now available at TP Racing

Updated the Product page, re-group and added new pages.

April 18, 2003
TP Racing added another new brand to the list: Motor Saver Filter "filter that can make you faster"
Hobby dealers please contact us for wholesale pricing.

New arrival:
Associated latest buggy RC10B4 Stealth Kit
Associated RC12L3 1/12th Scale World Champion
Associated RC10L2 1/10th Scale Pan Car - World fastest at 111mph!
Reedy 1100mah Receiver Flat Pack

Racing results uploaded:
Kelantan Open Championship Nitro Race 2003 - Won by Associated NTC3 driven by Azri Amri
NTC3 Top Qualified and 3rd position driven by Wong SW.
Great race..looking forward to race in such an exciting event again.

Mar 30, 2003
Updated Products page and added many items that we have in our store now.

TP Racing Malaysia is proud to announce that we are the distributor for two famous and well known brands,
Proline/Protoform and Novak Electronics, Inc, delivery for Proline/Protoform full range of bodies will be here in
1-2 weeks time. We will also be getting Novak products like brushless system, GT7 esc, chargers and M8 radio
synthesized module and receiver in 1-2 weeks time too.

Stay tune...we will have more high performance and top quality products for you racers out there.

And of course to all hobby dealers, please contact us for wholesale pricing, we will be glad to supply you.

Mar 11, 2003
New items were added to our products page and minor updates to the webpage.

The 2003 racing season seems to have started and we will be seeing many races coming up every weekend from
now on.

As to all our dealers, we are very sorry for the late stock replenishment as we had wrongly predicted the sales demand,
our re-stocking timing were not fast enough this time. But rest assured, things will be sorted out very soon.
It seems the market demand for our NTC3 are going higher and higher. Thanks for your support and of course not
forgetting our customers and happy racers.

Jan 20, 2003
Happy New Year to eveyone and wishing a Happy and Properous Chinese New Year to all chinese RC'ers.

Sorry for the slow update..last year was the busiest year for us.
Thank you very much to all NTC3 supporters, again and again ...this car has proven itself by finishing at
the podium for most of the races.

NTC3 won most of last year's races....and this year we started off the domination from the north State of Kelantan
Results are uploaded - courtesy of Mr.Lee of Race Corner, Kelantan.

Dec 30, 2002
Uploaded RCAC Titiwangsa race results.

Dec 13, 2002
New Arrival...
Venom Racing 3000mah Stick Pack - Cheap!
Rody Tune X12 Modified engine - Super big heatsink and heavily modified!
GM Racing SX9 ESC - newest from GM Racing Germany - smallest ESC ever seen for car !!
GM Racing Purple Tiger Motor - economical range of motors from GM Racing

Nov 25, 2002
Posted the UFRA Foam Tire Race in Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur

Sept 30, 2002
Uploaded UIA race results.
New arrival... Team Associated Ready to Run NTC3.

Added more painting samples

Sept 24, 2002
New arrival... Team Novak latest speed controller GT7 is in stock now.
News - Team Associated Nitro TC3 won the 2002 IFMAR World Champion 200mm Touring driven by Mark Pavidis.
Uploaded race result for the Titiwangsa race on 22 Sept, the race was called off due to rain and trophies were given out according to qualifying position!

Sept 9, 2002
Uploaded race results for the Merdeka Race at Pusat Pelancongan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (MTC)
We are not able to gather all the information needed to complete the race results, especially info like what engines, fuel and chassis were used by the racers.
For those who want theirs to be listed, please email to me the relevant info.

August 14, 2002
Uploaded the new Titiwangsa track picture in the Gallery.
Team RPM Super strong Nitro TC3 front bumper is in stock now.

July 16, 2002

Nitro TC3 stock arrived today, to those who booked your car can enjoy racing with the best nitro car in town now. Thank you very much for your overwhelming support.

We came to know that there are some parallel imported kits in the market, unfortunately we will not provide any technical and part supports to these kits.
Purchase your Nitro TC3 only from TP RACING HOBBY SHOP.

Stay tune for the latest Nitro TC3 Ready to Run. Give us a call to order your kit today.
Available now
Venom Racing Fail Safe - VFS
Venom Racing Discharger - VRD
Venom Racing System Check - VSC
Venom Temperature Monitor - VTM
Venom Racing Micro Pack 7.2v 1100mah

Coming soon...
Rossi .12 engine - Pixy and Pixy Black

June 16, 2002
Seremban 2, 1/10th Touring Nitro Car Race
Results uploaded

Nitro TC3 shows its power by swepting all top 3 positions in the A-Main final and Top Qualifier as well.

SMC Batteries are all in stock. Sanyo RC3000HV cells ranging from stick pack to 'BEST' packs (High volatge and high runtime) are available now.

May 27, 2002
Our shipment of Nitro TC3 had arrived and being distributed/sold to those who booked earlier. Thank you for your support.

To those that are still on the waiting list...please be patient, the kits are coming in very soon.

Uploaded results for yesterday's race at Giant Supermarket Parking Lot, Shah Alam.
Race nicely organised by Jump Square Arena and Sunshine Event Management.
We had almost 40 entries this time.

May 02, 2002
Our new shipment for the Nitro TC3 will be arriving soon in a week or two.
Sorry for the delay but we really appreciate our customers patience. Team Associated factory is doing their best to send the shipment asap.

RB concept .12 Turbo 5 ports engine is in stock. This is engine is proven to perform very well, we have being testing it under hard condition and found that it never fail to deliver.
Venom Temperature Monitor, first shipment is here but sold out immediately, stay tune though coz our 2nd shipment will be here in a week time.

April 02. 2002
SMC Batteries RC3000HV top cells to non-match stick pack are in stock
GM Racing Dr.Speed motors, motor case, battery case, esc V3R to V12XC are all in stock
Robinson Racing Products ligthened alum pinions are in stock, full range now.
Kyosho Mini Z, due to overwhelming response and many customers support, we have again extended the Mini Z track to the maximum space available.

Thank you to all our customers for the supports
Happy racing

March 07, 2002
Added pictures of some newly painting shells.
F utaba Super 3PJ PCM 3-Channel radio, in stock now
The 2nd batch of the Nitro TC3 car kit is arriving soon.
We now sell 25% Racing Fuel of Byron and Powertrack

Feb 10, 2002
Pictures of the new Titiwangsa track is now available.

Feb 02, 2002
Sorry for the slow update.
Lately we have been very busy after the long year end break and holidays.
Team Associated TC3 Nitro should be arriving anytime within mid-Feb or early March.

Happy Chinese New Year 2002 GONG XI FA CAI


Nov 29, 2001
Spur and pinion page
Custom painting images

Nov 14, 2001
Good news...we received very good response to the Mini Z 1/24th scale indoor racer, and now we have extend the track to the maximum size
capable in the hobby shop.

Oct 31, 2001
We have built an indoor carpet track just next to the hobby shop. Though is not big enough for 1/10th scale but then it is most suitable for the Kyosho Mini Z race car. We hope that RC members out there still continue to have fun during this monsoon season. You guys still can race even when it rains out there...and also to our Muslim RC members, you still can have fun on this coming month of Ramadan. =0) Please check it out with us asap, the kits are coming in soon and is going fast. Call us to reserve your kit today.

Oct 24, 2001
New arrival
Traxxas E-Maxx monster truck
Robitronic Battery Discharger/Equalizer

Sept 21, 2001
Update product-discharger page

New arrival
G-con Sky surfer kit and spare parts
Speedmind Tweak Station
LRP esc
LRP discharger

Sept 12, 2001
Minor touch up to the website.
We have remove the Results page due to lack of races information and data.

Due to overwhelming demand for the Reedy MVP stock motor, GM Racing V12 WE esc and GM Racing Brushless motor, we are out of stock for now. We are waiting for GM Racing factory for availability.
We expect new shipment to arrive at the end of this month. Stay tune...
Thank you very much for your support.

Aug 24, 2001
New arrrival
Team Sorex 40R tires are in stock now.
Updated website pages for esc, bodyshell and etc.

Aug 21, 2001
Updated Sanwa Race Round 6 results, unfortunately the Open Modified Class got rained out again!

New Arrival
GM Racing V12 Wrold Edition ESC
GM Racing Battery and Motor carrying cases
GM EVO 4 Modified motor

Aug 04, 2001
Sorry for the late update but there's not much new stuffs lately.
Sanwa Cup 2001 Round 5 results is available. However we could not obtain results for Round 4, anyone have it?

June 29, 2001
Sunway Pyramid Race pictures uploaded
Added pictures of our shells painting

June 06, 2001
Added more pics of our shells painting
Titiwangsa track picture is available in the Gallery section

June 01, 2001
New arrival
Competition Electronics new charger - Pitbull Charger
Robitronics accessories - 12ga wires, Comm stick cleaner....etc.

May 23, 2001
Sorry for the late update. We have been very busy lately and there isn't much new stuffs except Speedmind Aerodish wheels and Touring car's spoilers.
There are few newly painted shells being uploaded too.
We try to upload results and race pictures from the Sanwa Round 3 race held at Subang Speedway.

Next Race:
June 03, 2001
Sanwa Round 4
Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

April 29, 2001
Minor touch up to the website.
Now configured to view best with 1024x768 resolution

New Arrival
Team Associated Factory Team TC3 Kits
Reedy Titanium motor series
Reedy RC2400 World cells
SMC RC3000 & RC2400 High Voltage cells

Sanwa Round 1 race was again got rained out. Please be informed that this race is cancelled.
This weekend May 6, 2001, Sanwa Round 3 at Subang Speedway.

April 20, 2001
Update on painting samples and new arrival.

New Arrival
GM Racing Evo and Dr.Speed motors
GM Racing Electronic Speed Controllers V12, V8 and V4
GM Racing Brushes are all in stock now
Alex Racing Design Personal Lap Counter Hakarunjer
Robitronic charger and accessories

April races :
SETCC Round 1 Open Modified
This is the re-run for the Round 1 due rained out.
Date : 29th April 2001
Reg fee : RM20.00
Venue: Subang Speedway

April 03, 2001
Update on SETCC Round 2 Race results

New Arrival
IRS CVD Pin Cushions
IRS Drive Cups
IRS Lighten Input Shafts

March 23, 2001
Added new sample of painted body shells

New Arrival
Reedy Fury 8 turns Millenium Wind Motor
Reedy MVP Stock Motor
Reedy 2400 World Cells Matched Pack
Reedy Quasar Touring Competition Brush

March 06, 2001
Upload Sanwa Electric Touring Car Challenge Round 1 results & pictures

Feb 27, 2001
Added pictures of prize presentation for the Malaysia International Touring Car Race.

Sanwa race - SETCC
Date : 4th March 2001
Please register yourself for the race ASAP.
Registration is only RM20 per class.

Feb 23, 2001
Update on Malaysia International Touring Car Race 17-18 Feb 2001
Uploaded pictures and race results.

Feb 11, 2001
Update mainpage. Added link to Popular Mechanics showing the World's Fastest RC Car!
Added link to "How to Start RC"

New Arrival :
Team Associated Factory Team TC3
Protoform Chevy 300m and CLK DTM body shells
Reedy Rage Type-R ROAR Stock Motor
SMC Batteries POWERS GT3000R

1.Feb 17th and 18th
There will be a big race coming this weekend. Drivers from Japan will be here for the race. Racer from Singapore and Thailand are coming for the race too. It will be held at the Subang Speedway SS19, Subang Jaya.
Registration : RM100.00

2.Sanwa Cup 2001 SETCC
This race will commence very soon. There will be 'Modified' and 'Stock' classes.
Registration : RM 20.00 per class.

Jan 27, 2001
Happy New Year to everyone...Selamat Hari Raya...Happy Chinese New Year...
hmm....what a long holiday everyone is having, well same goes with us too. :0)
TP Racing will re-open on Tuesday 30th Jan 2001.

For those who has been waiting for the latest Team Associated Factory Team TC3, stay tune...should be
here anytime, either in the 1st week or 2nd week of February.

We will have the new bodyshells from Protoform, Mercedes CLK DTM and Chrysler 300M.

Dec 26, 2000
It has been a hectic year end and Christmas for us! I don't have much time updating the site.
TP Racing are now officially moved to the new premises.
The front page of our website is showing a temporary diversion of traffic flow, the NPE highway should be ready soon.
Give us a buzz if you can't find us.

As for TC3ers - the new suspension arms with droop screws and other accessories has arrived.
Protoform Dodge Stratus are in stock now.

Dec 16, 2000
Jump Square Arena Stock Motor Challenge came to an end. Unofficial result shows that
Mr. Azri Amri wins the Championship with Wong Soo Wei taking the 2nd spot. Stay tune for more!

Dec 05,2000
New Arrival - Epoch Indoor RC Racer 1/43 scale - gotta see this...half the size of Kyosho Mini Z!
News : TP Racing Malaysia will be moving at the end of this year. Please refer to the new map showing our new location.

Nov 27,2000
New Arrival - Team RPM products - camber gauge, super strong ball cup, pinion case, crystal case...lots more.
News update - TV program doing shooting in TP Racing !!

Nov 21,2000
Jump Square Arena Stock Challenge Round 5 - Results for Round 5

Nov 14, 2000

Added pictures of the Selayang Mall Fun Race held on Nov 11, 2000.

Nov 09, 2000
Updated custom painting page.
1.Fun race at Selayang Mall - Saturday Nov 11,2000.
2.HPC race - Sunday Nov 12, 2000. at SS19, Subang Jaya permanent racetrack.

Oct 21, 2000
Car Action (December 2000 cover date) "Best Car and Truck for 2000," Editors choose the TC3 for best car of 2000.
"In Summary: If you are looking for an electric touring car that is easy to build, easy to drive and is as at-home on the cul-de-sac as it is on a track the TC3 will easily fit the bill. We chose the TC3 as our Best Car of 2000 because it marries these virtues with clever engineering and Associated's legendary quality and support. Do we need to say any more?"

Oct 16, 2000
Updated JSA Stock Race result Round 4.

Oct 07, 2000
Jump Square Arena, Sungei Buloh - Stock Challenge Round 4
Date : Oct 15, 2000 Sunday
Venue : JSA Sg Buloh

Oct 8, 2000

Sunday - Hobby Haven opening race at their new track.
Class: Open Touring car race
Open motors
3000mah batteries
Registration : Free

We have tested Associated TC3 at the Hobby Haven track. The track has good traction and smooth surface.

Team Sorex CO-36R tires seems to work very well. We will post proper setup for the track once we have enough practice on it.

Sep 28, 2000

Picture from JSA Stock Round 3 Race now available - Click here
Now is stock - HPI Bodyshells, Team Sorex 32R and 36R Competition Tires

Sep 18, 2000

Updated JSA Stock Challenge race result

Sep 14, 2000

Jump Square Arena Stock Motor Challenge is on.
Date : Sept 17, 2000
Classes: ROAR Approved 27turn 24degree Stock Motor Only
Venue : Jump Square Arena
Registration : Thomson @ 013-3032185 / TP-Racing : 03-7388160

Updated Motors page
Hey those who want to take a look at the Jump Square Arena's trophy girl..- hehe!! Mr.Thomson will kill me for this.
Arr..here's how big is the Yatabe hobby shop -

Sep 04, 2000

Updated Product page
Andy's Accord bodyshell in stock now. Click here to see a painted one
HPI Challenge Race by HPC
Date : Sept 10, 2000
Classes: HPI Closed and Open
Venue : Jump Square Arena

Aug 26, 2000

Good news guys, Team Sorex tires in stock now. Give us a buzz to reserve your set.
We were interviewed by a local Galaxie Magazine (division of The Star) lately. According to the journalist, the article will be publish in the Sept 15 issue, so guys don't miss out. Thanks to those who turned up for the photo session, you know who you are...thanks for coming!

Aug 25, 2000

Updated Gallery page, we manage to capture a few shots of the new track coming up in Subang Jaya.

Aug 21, 2000

Updated Race Results page. Results and pictures for the JSA Stock Race is now available.
Sorry to inform that Team Sorex tires ran out of stock again. We are expecting another batch to arrive within this week.

Aug 10, 2000

Jump Square Arena Stock Class - Round 2 of the Championship will be on.
Date : 20 Aug 2000
Venue : JSA, Sungei Buloh
Registration please contact :
Thomson @ 013-3032185
TP-Racing @ 603-7388160

Aug 07, 2000

Team Sorex tires available
Pages updated:
Race Result

July 13, 2000

In Stock now:
GM V12 World Edition ESC
GM RC2400 Champion Packs High Voltage & Runtime
GM RC2400 Sport Stick Pack
GM P3000 Champion Packs High Voltage & Runtime
GM 3000 Sport Stick Pack
GM V4 Electronic Speed Control - Entry Level ESC
GM Dr Speed Machine Wind Ball Bearing Motor
GM Motor Magnetizer Tool
SMC Racing Batteries

July 2000
The born of this website! Work in progress...building up this site as soon as we can. Stay tune!